Convert from MegaBit (Mbit) to PetaBit (Pbit)

On this page you can perform the conversion of units of MegaBit (Mbit) to PetaBit (Pbit)

Information on conversion units:

About MegaBit (Mbit):

The Megabit, its symbol mb (lowercase letters mb), is a unit of measurement for the transmission or storage of digital information. It is one of the basic units in telecommunications and computing.

Megabit equals 1000 kilobits or 106 bits. This unit is generally used to represent communication speed, such as our internet speed, as well as network transfer rates, etc.

Note: Do not confuse MegaBit with MegaByte, (1 MegaBit = 0.11920928955078125 MegaByte).

About PetaBit (Pbit):

The Petabit, its symbol Pbit (lowercase bit letters), is a unit of measure for the transfer or storage of data information, which is equal to 1,000,000,000,000,000 bits or 1015 bits.

The Petabit is a unit that is commonly used, for example, to estimate the capacity of large data centers.

Note: Do not confuse PetaBit with PetaByte, (1 PetaBit = 0.11102230246251565 PetaByte).

MegaBit (Mbit) vs PetaBit (Pbit)

MegaBit (Mbit) PetaBit (Pbit)
106 bits (base 10) 1015 bits (base 10)
10002 bits 10005 bits
1,000,000 bits 1,000,000,000,000,000 bits
20 x 106 bits (base 2) 20 x 1015 bits (base 2)
1,000,000/8 bytes 1,000,000,000,000,000/8 bytes
125,000 bytes 125,000,000,000,000 bytes

Conversion formula to go from MegaBit (Mbit) to PetaBit (Pbit)

PetaBit (Pbit) = MegaBit (Mbit) * (1000-3)

Conversion table from MegaBit (Mbit) to PetaBit (Pbit)

MegaBit (Mbit) PetaBit (Pbit)