Convert from Bit (bits) to GigaByte (GB)

On this page you can perform the conversion of units of Bit (bits) to GigaByte (GB)

Information on conversion units:

About Bit (bits):

The bit, its symbol b (lowercase letter b), is a unit of measurement used in the binary system to store or transmit data, such as the speed of an Internet connection or the quality scale of an audio or video recording.

A bit is generally represented with two values, a 0 or a 1, although it can also be interpreted with other values ​​such as yes/no, true/false, plus/minus, etc. Saying that 8 bits make 1 byte.

A bit is one of the fundamental units used in computer technology, information technology, digital communication, as well as for storing, processing, and transmitting various types of data.

Note: Do not confuse Bit with Byte, (8 Bits = 1 Byte).

About GigaByte (GB):

El Gigabyte, su símbolo GB (Letras GB en mayúsculas), es una de las unidades de información digital más utilizadas, que según el sistema internacional de medidas (SI), equivale a bytes.

En informática, sin embargo, el valor real de un GB se considera igual a 230 o 10243 bytes, lo que equivale a 1.073.741.824 bytes. GB se usa a menudo para indicar el tamaño de la memoria del disco duro o especificar el tamaño de una película, la memoria RAM del ordenador, etc.

Nota: No confundir GigaByte con GigaBit, (1 GigaByte = 8.589934592 GigaBit).

Conversion formula to go from Bit (bits) to GigaByte (GB)

GigaByte (GB) = Bit (bits) / 8 / (10243)

Conversion table from Bit (bits) to GigaByte (GB)

Bit (bits) GigaByte (GB)