Convert from Bit (bits) to ExaByte (EB)

On this page you can perform the conversion of units of Bit (bits) to ExaByte (EB)

Information on conversion units:

About Bit (bits):

The bit, its symbol b (lowercase letter b), is a unit of measurement used in the binary system to store or transmit data, such as the internet connection speed or the quality scale of an audio or video recording.

A bit is usually represented with two values, a 0 or a 1, although it can also be interpreted with other values such as yes/no, true/false, plus/minus, etc. Saying that 8 bits make 1 byte.

A bit is one of the fundamental units used in computer technology, information technology, digital communication, as well as for storing, processing and transmitting various types of data.

Note: Do not confuse Bit with Byte, (8 Bits = 1 Byte).

About ExaByte (EB):

El ExaByte, su símbolo EB (Letras en mayúsculas), es una unidad de medida de transferencia o almacenamiento de información de datos, que es igual a 1.152.921.504.606.847.000 Bytes o 10246 bytes.

El Exabit es una unidad que se usa comúnmente por ejemplo para estimar la capacidad de grandes centros de datos.

Nota: No confundir ExaByte con ExaBit, (1 ExaByte = 1.073.741.824 GigaByte).

Conversion formula to go from Bit (bits) to ExaByte (EB)

ExaByte (EB) = Bit (bits) / 8 / (10246)

Conversion table from Bit (bits) to ExaByte (EB)

Bit (bits) ExaByte (EB)
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